Cathy Herd

Cathy Herd is the president and CEO of Cathy herd Consulting, a firm focusing on peak performance strategies for perfomance professionals and transformational workshops and courses for on-camera performance, public speaking, personal image, & leadership development. 

Cathy Herd was Miss Iowa 1992 and placed 1st runner-up and was named talent winner in the nationally televised Miss America Pageant. Immediately following, Cathy spent several years as a speaker delivering keynote addresses on goal-setting and personal motivation at schools, small businesses, civic groups and behavioral modification facilities for troubled youth.  In addition to her speaking and on-stage career,  Cathy was a professional actress for 13 years in Chicago and Los Angeles,  starring in over 40 national television commercials, guest-starring for numerous sitcoms and dramas, and working as an on-camera host.

For the last 6 years she has employed her vast experience as a peak performance coach for TEDx and Keynote speakers for the new or experienced speaker.  Known as the "Interview Guru" she is the creator of the Interview Mastery Course, an step-by-step course which empowers you with the tools to ACE a challenging job or graduate school entrance interview.  She is a peak performance coach for on-camera performance, and development of savvy style.  She has been a mega-volunteer  and sponsor for the Miss America Scholarship program in several states. Cathy holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Iowa and now resides in Arizona with her family.





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